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The Death of Gregory Johnson Jr. at Sigma Chi Fraternity on the Campus of San Jose State University Was No Suicide

Written by Alberta Rose Jones, December 13, 2010, copyright protected 

Gregory Johnson Jr.
Courtesy of mother Denise Johnson

On or about November 21, 2010, I was contacted by the family of Gregory Johnson Jr. to investigate the circumstances surrounding his death. This was a day shy of the two year anniversary of Gregory Marcell Johnson's death on November 22, 2008.  

Mrs. Denise Johnson was right in contacting me.  I have reviewed the autopsy and newspaper articles written about the death of Gregory.

What do investigative journalist's do?  What do individuals who write stories do when it comes to investigating a matter?  Well, as in my case, I do lots of research.  Not one journalist to date has reviewed forensic pathology pertaining to "strangulation".  Especially strangulation with a "garrote".  

This story will be ongoing which is my usual way of writing.  I have made available with this article two items of interest pertaining to the death of this young man.  One is a copy of the autopsy and the other is an article no longer available on the internet i.e. the newspaper story written by  David Zugnoni titled "Cover-Up Alleged in Student's Death".

My story will be based on concrete evidence pertaining to death by "strangulation" and why I believe Gregory Johnson Jr. did not commit suicide as reported by either the coroner or the San Jose State University Police.  

The coroner failed to perform a couple of forensic tests pertaining to death by strangulation.  Why?  The Santa Clara coroner failed to perform even a simple test as determining exact time of death.  Gregory Johnson Jr. did not die at 1459 as alleged in the coroner's autopsy.  He was found supposedly hung at 1445  and pronounced dead by a fireman but he did not die at 1459.

I have talked with a fireman who has informed me that a fireman after making contact with a doctor can pronounce a person dead.  Does this mean that the fireman saw the person die or that he had vital signs prior to death?  No.  What this means is that when the fireman arrived he found the person already deceased.  The fireman is just establishing that when he or she arrived the person was already deceased not that they determined "time of death."  

This is exactly what took place with Gregory Johnson Jr.  Why would a coroner not establish an exact time of death?  It appears in the case of Gregory Johnson there was a rush to judgement. After reading an e-book about a coroner/forensic pathologist who was found to be incompetent, his actions were motivated sometimes politically. Was the coroner involved in Gregory Johnson's autopsy possibly "politically" motivated?

Gregory Johnson's death being quickly labelled as a "suicide" helped not only San Jose State University but the Sigma Chi fraternity.  If Gregory Johnson's death had been labelled as a "homicide" there would be all kinds of serious issues to deal with by university personnel.  San Jose State would have a "murderer" on its hands.  Gregory Johnson's death would be considered a "possible" hate crime.

Let's just suppose that the coroner in this case had taken the time to establish "time of death." It's been established that Gregory Johnson was last communicating on his computer at 12:30 pm and found in the basement of Sigma Chi Fraternity at 2:45 pm.  Let's just say that the coroner could establish that Gregory died prior to his last entry on his computer. Would that mean that Gregory Johnson died in his Fraternity Room?  That someone was pretending to be him so that it appeared he was in his room at 12:30 pm when he actually was already deceased.

Death by strangulation could have occurred by some other means than by hanging, etc.  Currently there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that Gregory Johnson was hung or strangulated in the basement of the Sigma Chi basement.  Did the investigators prove beyond a reasonable double that Gregory Johnson was hung from the pipe in the basement of the fraternity house?  From the investigation the only proof is that of Gregory Johnson's roommate statement nothing more. Is his roommate a credible witness?

I just reviewed a case discussed on the internet where a person who had hung himself had been moved by family members to make it appear death by strangulation, the reverse of Gregory Johnson.  Why did they do this?  They were trying to frame someone with a murder.

Let's just suppose that the Gregory Johnson case is the reverse of this scenario.  Gregory Johnson did not "commit" suicide. His death was staged.  He was in fact actually "murdered."  There was no suicide note.  Gregory was not depressed.  He was not on medication.  His only sin was that he was a "young black man" in an all white fraternity.  


What to expect from an incompetent forensic pathologist:


Incomplete autopsies, mishandled evidence, misidentified bodies, filed false reports, and rendered erroneous cause and manner of death rulings in dozens of cases.  Conduct of office as dishonorable, unprofessional, fraudulent, negligent and incompetent.


Findings would need to be challenged by other forensic pathologists who reviewed their work for professional correctness. 


Every year in the United States there are thousands of sudden, violent, and unexplained deaths in the form of homicides, suicides, traffic fatalities, drug overdoses, infant death, industrial accidents and poisonings. Each of these deaths requires an autopsy, and there aren't enough qualified people to do them. This is a serious problem. Too many unqualified people are performing autopsies, 


When forensic pathologists make mistakes, people suffer.  This eventually makes checks and balances in the form of independent  detectives and prosecutors essential. The criminal justice system requires detectives and district attorneys who are not incompetent themselves to look beyond the "forensic pathologist from hell". 


The problem with the forensic pathologist from hell.. autopsies will be bungled, bad manner of death determinations will be made and the people affected by these bad calls will suffer. 


Quoted from an e-book on the "forensic pathologist from HELL"


click here to download story by David Zugnoni


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