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Zyprexa Anti-Psychotics Slow Evil Death

Written By Alberta Jones, Copyright protected

Zyprexa and other anti-psychotic drugs can actually kill a person slowly.  What happens to a person when the side affects of the drugs actually change and alter a person's whole being.  Completely taking away who they were.  In Santa Clara County I actually know of two people who were or are being drugged to death.

I love youtube and the internet, it can save our lives.  I google "Zyprexa" and boy was I surprised what I found. How can we let this happen to us as human beings. Zyprexa is causing more harm than imaginable.  I listened to a young man who was taking zyprexa for only 12 months and was then diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  He gained an excessive amount of weight.  So why is no one listening??  What is worst we have judges who are illegally force medicating the disabled population.

Please listen to some of these videos.  Now be aware there are some individuals in your society who have died from these drugs.  A slow painful horrible death.  Guess who is watching them die?? Your judges, jailers, mental health courts, probation officers, anyone and everyone involved with correctional institutions.

Once you are illegally drugged with these meds against your will and you have a negative reaction, these people I mentioned actually just sit and watch you die.

The little zyprexa pill that psychiatrists force the criminal population to take is done to make them die not to get them well.  Several years ago I studied several cases where individuals had died while in mental locked down wards.  These wards should be illegal.  What is taking place is that once an individual is in one of these places the people in there are inhumane.  Killing someone is okay.  Individuals are given excessive amounts of drugs and most against their will.  If they refuse to take the drugs that these evil psychiatrists give them then they are tied down and given them.  You have no idea what it is like to see what happens to someone once this technigue is performed.  What I saw was that once given an anti-psychotic drug the doctors have no concern for what it is doing to your bodies.  We need to establish a data base in the United States to determine how many people are dying from these procedures and those that are never the same.

I am going to look to see if I can find one.  A reputable data base to keep track of what is happening to our loved ones.  These are people.  They are human beings.


Alberta Jones