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Jamie Harley AKA Jamie Harmon and Ted Stalcup
Photo property of Alberta Rose Jones copyright protected

Theodore (TED) Stalcup and Jamie Harley AKA Harley

Written by Alberta Rose Jones July 21, 2010

Judgebusters.com, copyright protected, no portions may be copied or redistributed without permission   


       I thought I had seen everything when it comes to corruption in our courts. Not True.  Federal Court is a joke (because Judge James Ware allowed Jamie Harley AKA Jamie Harmon to work non stop on a restraining order against me while being on trial. YES!! she was allowed to draft a 30 plus page restraining order in a psychotic state of mind).  

Jamie Harley AKA Jamie Harmon has been practicing law for over 20 years in Santa Clara.  This is not uncommon for many of the attorneys who practice law in Santa Clara County.  

Many if not most the attorneys who practice in our santa clarion courts are graduates of Santa Clara University. Can we have a corrupt system if most judges and attorneys all come from one university who practice law?  I say yes..

So back to Jamie. She has been on trial now for over a week in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. Her charges for money laundering stem from her representation of a  man by the name of Christian Pantages.  I was not able to hear Mr. Pantages speak as a witness but I did hear his partner from the company they owned where the stolen goods were laundered.  He was very credible. Seemed like a nice fellow. He made a comment on the stand about being remanded into custody without bail because the told the judge who was overseeing his case said that he was not indigent. Yes the guy had two expensive cars worth over $100,000 but that's not the point. I have never ever been to court where a defendant is not allowed to go to the Public Defender's office and prove he is not indigent.  I have seen several folks come back with their own attorney which they have a right to do if they are not indigent. So this young man ended up in custody for over 28 months while Jamie Harmon's client was release on 30,000 bail.  Bail money that came from the money laundering enterprise for which Jamie is now on trial. The information about not being able to have bail and find an attorney was interesting. I will find out who the judge was in that case.

When it came time for Jamie Harmon to testify that was a whole other story. Why does this interest me??  I believe Santa Clara County is corrupt and hurts the average Joe. Please refer to my article about Andrew Martinez.  A young aspiring UC Berkeley student who had it all.  He then gets caught up in the never ending cesspool in Santa Clara County. Who were his attorneys?  Public Defenders.  One woman by the name of Malorie Street.  The other David Epps.  These two individuals did poor Mr. Martinez in and caused his horrible death.  I have wondered how many others there are.  I am guessing lots.

Look at the Santa Clara County Jail.. they have an 8th floor on the Jail for "the mental ill offenders" no sun light and lots of forced meds.. so eventually they die.  Did you know in Santa Clara County that "breaking probation" for the mentally ill is staying in bed.  Yes if you are on probation and cannot get out of bed.. or take your meds.. you go back to the Santa Clara County Jail to be force medicated and then make your way back to their half way houses.. so what really happened to Andrew Martinez??  Was his demise really his fault?  No..

You have judges in Santa Clara County that are evil.. yes.. evil.. so how do we stop this evil??  Investigate.  How do we investigate?  Do what I do.. take notes.. keep track..

Read criminal records.. was Jamie Harmon the real story here?? yes but there is a web of destruction taking place in Santa Clara County. She is just one of the many roots to the problem?  Jamie Harley thought she could take $127,000 from her client. Money that had been laundered and placed it in her attorney trust account to use it at whim. Why?  The cloud of corruption that exists in Santa Clara County.

You have young men repeatedly force medicated against their will.  You have attorneys like David Epps and Malorie Street who believe in forced meds.. Malorie Street ordered Andrew Martinez to be sent to the psych ward at Valley Medical why?? how much medication did they give him.. His mother really never knew.  She just knew her son was over medicated.

Santa Clara County is suppose to have Mental Health Advocates.  Do they do their jobs.. No.  Why am i writing about this because if has affected me personally.  I saw a young aspiring young man who was not a threat to himself or anybody else.. tied to a table and force medicated by non other than Dr. Meade of Emergency Protective Services.  Who is Dr. Meade? An evil psychiatrist of course.

So who is to blame?? Why did Andrew Martinez became violent?? Our county blamed Andrew Martinez.  Not Malorie Street or David Epps the real evil ones. Can you imagine a beautiful handsome young man who did not commit suicide as alleged dead at the age of 38 after spending years in and out of "santa clara's halfway house and the jail"  It's inhumane.  Does anyone know or care.  Well I care.  I am seeing someone slowly die.  Jamie Harmon is the one to blame as well as Ted Stalcup, Malorie Street and David Epps in addition to an attorney by the name of Christiansen ( I need to double check on that).  

Please read my front page article about Jamie's trial.  I attended several hours of the trial. I was amazed to find out what the real story was behind the trial. No wonder Ms. Harley AKA Harmon was on trial for several counts of money laundering and a conspiracy to launder money.  There should have been other charges added to the criminal indictment after the grand jury proceedings.  Ms. Harley AKA Harmon withheld crucial evidence in the case.  I think Ms. Harley should go to prison.  She was allowed to spend months preparing and concealing evidence.

What is the gist of this story?  We do have "a secret society" in Santa Clara County.  It is run by our Judges, clerks of the court, Public Defenders, District Attorneys and private attorneys.

There is no justice in Santa Clara County and there are innocent victims dying a slow horrible death. It is much worse than the killing of the Jews in Germany. I wish I could take photos and show you.  In the Santa Clara County Jail young men or repeatedly forced medicated, tied to tables and die.. yes die.. where are our county leaders? You elect them.. so why aren't they doing their jobs? I call them big fat slobs.. part of the so called elite.  


     After writing stories on my website about the truth in Santa Clara County I have been harassed, stalked, my property vandalized, my son traumatized.  

     At the United States District Court for the Northern District of California I was harassed by Jamie Harley AKA Jamie Harmon, her husband Mark Harley, her staff and Attorney Ted Stalcup. I filed a police report against Jamie Harley and Mark Harley and am filing a restraining order.  

     Ms. Harley has spent months talking to various people about me.  I am not out to hurt anyone.  I do believe our system is corrupt.  

     I do believe Santa Clara is a fascist socialist run government were the rights of criminals and non criminals are violated and I want to write about it.  

     I think Jamie Harley is crazy.  Go to this story and watch her: http://www.ktvu.com/news/9727857/detail.html  

     If you do a thorough background check on attorney Jamie Harley AKA Jamie Harmon you will see I know what I am talking about.  Until you saw her in court testifying crying her eyes out to make the jury feel sorry for her which I myself did not.. you would see that she is "psycho." Ms. Harmon is so paranoid and psychotic that she filed a false police report against me and then proceeded to file a false declaration under oath in court.  

     I now can see how "psychotic" she truly has become. I only attended a small portion of the trial on July 9 , 2010. A very small portion. Ms. Harley made a sworn declaration that I stalked her all day on July 9, 2010 while she was "working" on papers in court. What makes no sense is that she says each time she left the James Ware courtroom that I was there stalking her.  Since Ms. Harley decided she could lie one last time before going to prison (hopefully), I filed a complaint with the federal protective services and the san jose police.  

     Where do I go from here?? She is having her husband stalk me now that she is considered a criminal.  I have seen him by my home more than once.  He is a contractor and works for Devcon Construction out of Milpitas. What is most interesting is that she is using another contractor by the name of Erik Petersen to harass me in my own neighborhood and a man who used to own a home near me by the name of Duane Barber. In her sworn declaration she states that I own guns and some kind of high tech device i.e. an electromagnetic weapon. I own neither.  In fact, I have never owned a gun in my life.  

     I find it most interesting though that Jamie Harmon also known as Jamie Harley had the time to put together a 30 plus page document and file it in court to keep me from hearing her proceedings.  I believe in god.  I am working with Federal Agents to prove Ms. Harley yet again lied to get what she wants.  We will hopefully see who is the real wolf in sheep's clothing.  Is it me.. or Jamie Harley.??? I doubt it is me.  I don't go around filing illegal restraining orders against folks. Ms. Harley aka Harmon..you and your husband, Mark Harley, are psychotic...

Written by Alberta Rose Jones, Judgebusters.com, copyright protected, no portions may be copied or redistributed without permission of Alberta Rose Jones  


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