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 We Need Another Church Committee Investigation into Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

The Church Committee was determined to rein in to ascertain the extent to which the nation's intelligence agencies had been involved in questionable, if not outright illegal activities.


United States Nuremberg Violations

Veterans Sue Central Intelligence Agency Over "Illegal Experimentation"

Written by Alberta Rose Jones, October 27, 2010, Copyright Protected

Wikipedia.org Church Committee

By the early years of the 1970s, the unpopularity of the Vietnam War and the unfolding Watergate Scandal  brought the era of minimal oversight to an abrupt halt. The US Congress was determined to rein in the Nixon Administration and to ascertain the extent to which the nation's intelligence agencies had been involved in questionable, if not outright illegal, activities.

United States Nuremberg Violations

Veterans Sue Central Intelligence Agency Over "Illegal Experimentation"

Written by Alberta Rose Jones, October 27, 2010, Copyright Protected


Several years ago I looked at the federal case against the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) when the CIA was sued by individuals who had illegally been  given LSD in Los Angeles.

The case was initiated in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.  I was saddened when I read the file - the original file.  I am going to go over the file again.  From what I remember, the case was dismissed by the judge because of lack of evidence or the statute of limitations had run out. This saddened me.  These individuals should have been compensated by the United States of America for their suffering. They were not.  

The following below information is taken from http://www.a1b2c3.com/drugs/lsd09a.htm 

The CIA violated the Nuremberg Code for medical ethics by sponsoring experiments on unwitting subjects. Ironically, Dr. Cameron was a member of the Nuremberg tribunal that heard the case against Nazi war criminals who committed atrocities during World War II.

Like the Nazi doctors at Dachau, the CIA victimized certain groups of people, who were unable to resist: prisoners, mental patients, foreigners, the terminally ill, sexual deviants, ethnic minorities.

One project took place at the Addiction Research center of the US Public Health Service Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. Lexington was ostensibly a place where heroin addicts could go to shake a habit, and although it was officially a penitentiary, all the inmates were referred to as patients.

The patients had their own way of referring to the doctors, hacks or croakers, who patrolled the premises in military uniforms. The patients at Lexington had no way of knowing that it was one of 15 penal and mental institutions utilized by the CIA in its super-secret drug development program.

To conceal its role the Agency enlisted the aid of the navy and the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), which served as conduits for channeling money to Dr. Harris Isbell, a gung-ho research scientist who remained on the CIA payroll for over a decade.

According to CIA documents the directors of NIMH and the National Institutes of Health were fully cognizant of the Agency's interest in Isbell's work and offered full support and protection. 

It appears our federal judges may finally be listening to the needs of our citizens.  It is a crime to illegally use anyone as a test subject without their knowledge or express permission.  How many more of these type of experiments do we have?  It was just uncovered that the United States of America was involved in testing subjects in Guatemala. Read below from the Los Angeles Times:

Between 1946 and 1948, the agency then known as the U.S. Public Health Service infected Guatemalan sex workers, prison inmates, and mental health patients with syphilis. The program was conducted in order to examine whether penicillin, relatively new at the time, could be used to treat the disease. It was led by John Cutler, the U.S. doctor who later led the infamous Tuskegee experiment, in which African American men in Alabama infected with syphilis were observed without receiving treatment. 

We now have a chance to make things right.  This is the recent order issued in the case of Vietnam Veterans of America et al v. CIA, et al. United States District Court Case No. C 09-0037 CW. Lets hope the real truth is exposed.  The United States of America should not be allowed to violate the Nuremberg Code for medical ethics by sponsoring experiments on unwitting subjects.  

I do believe testing is still ongoing by the CIA, Department of Defense, National Institute of Health.. the new drug is "meth."  Methamphetamine is an epidemic in the United States. What kind of testing?  Anti-psychotics are used to "calm" down drug addicts.  The United States needs test subjects.  We are in bed with the pharmaceutical industry.  Where do they get the test subjects?  Look at California.  The top jails in California all have "mental wards."  These individuals are force medicated.  California now says that all "drug and alcohol" addicts are mentally ill and have to be force medicated.  Where did this come from?  Maybe the CIA?? Who knows.  Time will tell.  

If this case against the CIA and military gets to trial and the truth is exposed, lets hope our government has learned their lesson.  

"Man shall be free to live by no man's

leave under the sun."


Nuremberg Trials' Statement



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