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Canadian Story About Quaids Seeking Asylum in Canada

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 Asylum Seekers from the United States of America

Written by Alberta Rose Jones, November 7, 2010, copyright protected

I will be writing a column about three individuals who are seeking asylum from the United States.  The most notable story is Randy and Evi Quaid.

The other is the founder of WikiLeaks i.e. Julian Assange.  The Julian Assange story will come later.  

I am investigating the allegations made by the Quaids.  I myself am familiar with fraud by City National Bank and forgery. City National Bank being mentioned intrigued me.  City National Bank has ties with the feds. The feds will use illegal tactics to get their money back.  Lets just say.. federal agents will do what it takes to get back money they think the government is owed including forging documents and getting attorneys to do it for them.  If the Quaids owe the IRS..mark me.. and there is forgery.. the feds could be involved especially with City National Bank.  Secret Service Agents are trained in forgery.  Secret Service Agents work with National Banks in the United States. 

I have a case that I myself investigated in which I could track a check that was used to defraud the person who the bank thinks owes them money.. meaning banks will alter checks to get their money back including "forgery."   Banks will also use people to defraud you of your money..banks will use illegal tactics to get what they consider is "their" money back by whatever means possible.  Strange how banks can break the law but you cannot. 

I recently was watching Americas Most Wanted which mentioned a story about a young man on their most wanted list by the United States Marshal's Office.  The case occurred in 1969 and the person who robbed a bank of $250,000 was the neighbor of a US Marshal.  It has baffled me why ex-attorney Jamie Harley who was found guilty of "money laundering" is still not behind bars.. but the US Marshal's officers are still after a man who robbed a bank over 40 years ago.  Numerous man hours are still be put on this case when the money is most likely gone and the robber dead, yet, a federal judge who hates "pro-se litigants" refuses to put a money launderer behind bars. 

I will begin with the story of Randy Quaid.  Quaid says that he is being defrauded by his ex-manager and attorney. I believe that.  I am still in hot pursuit of being defrauded by Jamie Harley and Ted Stalcup.  I found it interesting that a judge sanctioned Quaid's ex-attorney stating that the attorney had an obligation to consider his clients interests above his based on the fact client attorney privileges exist. 

 The below information about the Quaids comes from the Washington Post       (I am reading between the lines looking at for example why did the Quaids' attorney not stand in for the Quaids at a "misdemeanor" hearing.  In misdemeanor cases, you do not have to be present as the defendant.  Your attorney can stand in for you.  Little things like that.. stand out in this case.  This leads me to believe there is a red herring and validity to the Quaids' story.) ( Back to Federal Agents stealing money in order to pay back the United States:  In the Quaids case, a dead woman has signed papers..regarding a deed.  The dead person being "Rhonda Quaid.")  The dead woman's signature took place in 1991 well before the tax liens were filed by the IRS against the Quaids in 1994. 


As noted in Celebritoloy, Randy Quaid and his wife Evi are in trouble with the law again. The couple currently faces burglary charges for allegedly living in a guest house on a property in Montecito, Calif. The actor and his wife say they have owned the property since the 1990s, but documents indicate that it is currently owned by someone else, who bought the house from the person who bought it from the Quaids. In other words, Cousin Eddie and his spouse sold the place a long time ago, but seem to have forgotten.

This is hardly the first example of sadly strange behavior from the brother and sister-in-law of Dennis Quaid. Need a memory refresher on what preceded this event? Here's a timeline, which includes information about a recently filed lawsuit that could explain why the Quaids believe that guest house is rightfully theirs.

July, 1983: Quaid stars as the clueless, money-troubled Cousin Eddie in "National Lampoon's Vacation," a role he would reprise a few years later in "Christmas Vacation." Despite the obvious parallels, this was just an acting gig. Quaid's real life wouldn't start to vaguely mirror Eddie's for another two decades.


Oct. 5, 1989: Randy Quaid, then 38, marries Evi Motolanez, then 26, less than a year after meeting her on the set of "Bloodhounds of Broadway," the barely seen movie starring Madonna, Matt Dillon and Jennifer Grey. In a People magazine profile published a couple of months after they married, Evi Quaid joked: "My nightmare ... is that people are going to see National Lampoon's ‘Christmas Vacation’ and think, 'That's the guy Evi married.' " The couple would eventually adopt two children, Charlotte and Kaki.

Oct. 12, 2004: The IRS files the first of two tax liens against Randy Quaid for delinquent tax bills. His liens total $1.6 million, according to the Detroit News. It's unclear whether the liens have been paid.

March, 2006: Quaid files a lawsuit against Focus Features and the producers of "Brokeback Mountain," accusing them of not paying him adequately for his role in the Oscar-winning drama. He asks for $10 million in compensation and claims in the suit that the studio and director Ang Lee knew the film would be a major, well-marketed Hollywood release, not a small indie that required everyone to sacrifice their normal salaries. Quaid eventually dropped the lawsuit because, asthe Associated Press reported, he said that Focus agreed to pay him a bonus. Focus reps denied that any such agreement was ever reached.

September 2009: The Quaids are arrested in Texas for allegedly skipping out on a $10,000 hotel bill in (yes) Montecito, Calif. The episode lead to reports of additional unpaid bills, as well as somemissed court appearances and some bizarre ones in which the two are accompanied by Quaid's Golden Globe Award.

April 2010: Felony charges in the hotel case against Randy Quaid are dropped, but Evi Quaid pleads no contest to a misdemeanor: defrauding an innkeeper. She is sentenced to three years of probation. For a brief few months, it seems like maybe this is all behind them.

August, 2010: The Quaids sue their former lawyer and estate planner on the grounds that they created a fake living trust, stole their money and prevented other lawyers from representing them. The convoluted lawsuit -- filed in Los Angeles Superior Court according to Courthouse News Service -- may explain why the Quaids believe the house in which they were just arrested for squatting actually belongs to them. From the Courthouse News Service story:

"Quaid claims he and his wife bought a house in Montecito, Calif., in 1989 for $1.35 million. Quaid says he handed the details of the transaction off to his business manager, Warren Grant and his lawyer, Lloyd Braun, who is not listed as a defendant.
The next day, Quaid claims Braun and his wife, Lauren, attached their names to the deal's escrow account.
That got Braun access to Quaid's assets through a "pooled loan," allowing Braun to use Quaid's home equity for his own real estate deals without Quaid's knowledge, according to the complaint.
City National Bank allegedly played along with the plot because Braun designated it as the beneficiary of properties he bought with Quaid's equity.
In 1991, Quaid says he sold his Montecito home to then-Warner Bros. executive Bruce Berman, again letting Grant and Braun handle the sale. But Quaid claims he recently found out that the home is still in his name."

Sept. 18, 2010: The Quaids are arrested on felony burglary charges for occupying that aforementioned guest house. TMZ Notes added that the Quaids reportedly broke a $7,000 mirror that hung over the fireplace, then replaced it with a picture of themselves. It's unclear whether this latest arrest will be considered a violation of Evi Quaid's probation.