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Swiss Refuse to Extradite Roman Polanski - Stating California's Department of Justice Failed to Meet the Burden of Proving Roman Polanski Had not already served his Prison Term and How much more time would be added to the sentence he already served. Polanski's attorney is asking for a new investigation into the matter.


Roman Polanski v. Superior Court Judges Los Angeles

Written by Alberta Rose Jones, October 15, 2010, Copyright Protected

It has intrigued me for many years why the State of California has a law to "recuse all judges" in a case. I therefore am pursing the issue.  The best and well known case is of course Roman Polanski.  I personally believe our judges are much more "corrupt" than you could ever imagine.  I mean as corrupt as the judges during the "Hitler" regime. Why do I believe this?

In 2006,a graduating law student who had just passed the bar exam told me a story.  I believe her story.  She said her first case.  Not her last case or her second case but her very first case.  So it goes as follows: on her first case before a court.. the judge on the case called her in with her boss.. (she was with a law firm).. this judge told her what would happen on the case before it ever happened.. same as with "Roman Polanski."

If you have not taken the time to watch "Roman Polanski Wanted and Desired" you should.  So now I am aware of two separate cases in two separate states where.. judges call the parties in to let them know before the case is on the "record" what will be going down in court.  This happens much more than you think.  In very high profile cases.. there is no doubt in my mind.. that the judge has discussed the case with someone before it goes on the record.  How do you prove it?

My motto is "Action Speak Louder than Words."  In some cases action and words will do the trick.. but actions are extremely paramount.  The Court has something which it uses to disprove you.. i.e. what would the average person think..well let's see how many average folks think that "judicial misconduct" is important or paramount?  I hate it when a Judge who does the same thing as the Judge being complained of "judicial bias, prejudice, misconduct".. says something like "what the average person would think or do" when they have no idea.. What the average person would do or think.. is kind of like.. a juror.. jurors are given so much guidance during a trial.. to help them make sure that a case is decided fairly.. the same thing should apply.. to disqualifying a judge for cause.. what is even more important is judges themselves have a responsibility to recuse themselves when they are biased, prejudiced or have prior knowledge of the facts in a case.  They say having prior knowledge is having your wife know the defendant..etc.. that is B.S.  In Roman Polanski,.. each and everyone of the judges has prior knowledge of the case..

In the last 25 years, I have not met one judge I can say is "honest."  So when you listen to citizens across this country say they are upset with our politicians because they are "corrupt." Look no further than the rank and file of those overseeing our courts.  If you think our country is falling apart.. go to the ones who oversee them.  These judges manipulate everything from the time you step in the door of the court.  It is down right creepy. 

I recently watched one of those "Judge Court Shows" on national cable television.  I am making a mini documentary out of it.  When you look at the female judge and how she speaks to the Plaintiff who happened to be a law student.. she spoke down to him.. she demeaned him in public.. she called him "honey."  She could not wait to get her teeth into this guy.  Why?  There was something she did not like about him.. and she was ready for him when he first spoke.. she was a "barracuda". "Totally inappropriate" behavior from the bench.  She should be removed as a "judge".  

When I go into court, I study the judge. His or her mannerisms. How they treat and look at the parties in court.  When you are pro-se, you get treated unfairly immediately.  Especially in criminal court.  If a person wants to self-represent themselves beware.  It has baffled me.. representing one-self in court has been time tested.. I can tell you that attorneys in the State of California are about as dishonest as they get.  So when you get a corrupt judge.. the apple does not fall far from the tree.  I wish I was 20 years younger.  I wish the Internet had been around 20 years ago.  Judges are not suppose to make you feel bad when you go into court.  Court is not suppose to be adversarial.  Yet watch "Judge Judy" or that other stupid female judge. Woman talking down to you.. it is not a cool thing.. People have enough stress in their lives.. going into court.. is the most horrible process you can go thru in life.  Yet, our judges cannot wait to get you clenched in their "jaws."  That is why Roman Polanski flew the coupe.  Not because he was afraid to face whatever was going to be given to him, but because he was afraid of the Judge.  He had already confessed to the charges.. what more can you ask from a defendant in a criminal case ??   

The story of Roman Polanski is historical and needs to be studied. So lets get started....I will be presenting you with.. the declaration, points and authorities in the Case of Polanski v. Superior Court of California Los Angeles Case No. A3341139.. Called "Statement of Disqualification" under California Code of Civil Procedure 170.1 and 170.3..We also need to study why a foreign country will not honor the State of California's request to have him returned to the State of California to face charges.  Which is more important? have a man prosecuted for a "30" year old rape case.. or that "justice should prevail when it comes to "judicial misconduct." If one judge is allowed to corrupt the system.. then more will follow..is my slogan..one bad apple is all it takes..and we have lots..

From my own experience.. judges are like a "fraternity" they stick together.. Roman Polanski would suffer at the hands of these misguided "juveniles". His whole story is public now and if you don't think they want to get their claws into him.. don't be misguided.. judges are animals.  In over 25 years of studying their behavior, they would love nothing more than to take Roman Polanski to the farthest remote area of the earth.. and dispose of him.  I would argue that his "free speech" in the matter has tainted his ability to ever get a fair hearing.  Judges are like vicious wolves.. piss them off.. and they will go after you.. forever..that's why this video of this judge on national television is so.. important.. she wanted that guy.. no matter what.. and she was willing to make a fool of herself on national television..it was more important for her as a "judge" to get this guy.. than let justice prevail.. most judges are like this.. there is something in them.. like a wild animal..mean spirited "a.. holes.." is what I say.  It is not about the "law".



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