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San Jose Mercury News DA Misconduct
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 The Real Story is Missing

Written by Alberta Rose Jones, October 18, 2010, copyright protected  


The San Jose Mercury News and Santa Clara University have not written about the real stories here.  Santa Clara County has the 20th largest jail in the country.  The jail houses on an average 4,000 to 5,000 inmates.  The Mercury News and Santa Clara University haven't addressed the real problems in our county when it comes to abuse.  

Eighty percent of the inmate population are non violent criminals with a history of drug and alcohol abuse. The jail is overcrowded and unfit. To combat the problem of those with disabilities etc.. drug, alcohol, mental illness and even physical disabilities.. the county has established under the radar a "mental health" program which takes away the rights of these individuals and places them forever under the jurisdiction of an incompetent judge by the name of Stephen Manley.  A judge who believes in "punishment" as the answer.  Listen to the audio tape as proof. I obtained it from listening to Judge Manley talk on the news. 

The whole thing is totally unconstitutional. So if you think the real story is tainted trials miscarriage of justice, its only the tip of the iceberg for Santa Clara County. The people who are actually not doing their jobs are our elected officials who oversee this mess.  They came up with the answer to illegally house and force medicated the criminally mentally ill.  It's not just criminals either. Santa Clara County's solution for almost everyone who is disabled: autistic, handicapped, mentally ill, physically ill, the elderly...force medicate them, take away their rights and house them illegally. Is the Mercury News investigating it? No.

These statistic can be validated by freedom of information and public records acts.  What population of people compared to the national average are on medication in Santa Clara County?  How many of the criminals who are labeled as drug or alcohol dependent on social security and forced to live in group homes. These types of statistics will prove whether I am right or wrong.  

Bottom line.. we as taxpayers are paying for this "mess".. and yes.. I call it a mess.. We have a huge drug problem in Santa Clara County. Instead of identifying who supplies  drugs to this county.. they house people illegally and take away their rights.  In addition to the fact.. that Judge Stephen Manley is costing the taxpayers of this county "millions" of dollars. There is only "one" prosecutor overseeing over 700 - 7,000 cases if not more.  There are only two public defenders.  Most of the time there is not even a public defender or alternate public defender in the courtroom.  There is no legal process.. meaning.. that if someone breaks probation.. or is accused of a probation violation.. there is no hearing.. then they send these people back to jail.. without a "formal probation hearing" so who is paying for this?.. You are.. what is it costing.. well lets.. see.. look at the statistics below... why are individuals with "unsentenced" felony convictions spending.. how much time in jail??  188 days.  By California state law.. if a case is not prosecuted within one year.. the case is suppose to be dismissed in the interest of justice..it is called "Court Trial Government Code Trial Reduction Act." Is this happening no.  Who is to blame.. public defenders who are incompetent, district attorneys.. for prosecutorial misconduct and most importantly.. the Judicial Council for the State of California and our "corrupt" "inept" Judges who are both elected and appointed. 

 How much does it cost the county of Santa Clara to house one inmate per day?  If most are repeat drug offenders.. why are we not stopping the drugs..??  Because the county is profiting off the misery of these poor souls. How much is the county of Santa Clara profiting off.. medicaid, medicare, and social security?  


Statistics as provided by Santa Clara County:

The Santa Clara County Department of Correction maintains three facilities for the housing of people in custody.  Typically, total inmate population (men and women) ranges from 4,000 to 5,000.  The county's inmate population ranks among the top 20 largest jail systems in the nation. 


Trial Reduction Act Statute
Public Records