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Getting Final Justice "Another White Rose Paper"

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Gouverneur Warren
Library of Congress

History "When the Wrongfully Convicted Finally Get Justice"  "Another White Rose Paper from Alberta"

Written by Alberta Rose Jones, Copyright Protected


What is a historical event?


 2.historical - having once lived or existed or taken place in the real world as distinct from being legendary; "the historical Jesus"; "doubt that a historical Camelot every existed"; "actual historical events"
realexistent - being or occurring in fact or actuality; having verified existence; not illusory; "real objects"; "real people; not ghosts"; "a film based on real life"; "a real illness"; "real humility"; "Life is real! Life is earnest!"- Longfellow 

 The things I write about are true.  I can back them up with documents, pictures and real life people.  Why am I doing this?  Your government is trying to make something that is true appear not true. Or vice versa..something that is false appear true.  A delusion. 

It concerns me greatly that Santa Clara County has people running our government on a daily basis based on "fraud."

I have people write me every day and tell me their true life stories.  I cannot stand by and let this happen.  We all would be living in a "secret run organization" which does exist.

In my efforts to expose the truth, I am being harassed.  The truth will never come out if I do not try and find it.

I questioned the death of Andrew Martinez.  In doing so, the government came after me in full force.  I posted videos on Youtube with real life events and they were illegally removed by the government.  I then posted them on my website "Judgebusters.com".  

Jamie Harley AKA Jamie Harmon told the world not just United States citizens that she represented "John Mark Karr".  This was false.  Under California Law, an attorney has to be truthful.  If they are not truthful, they need to have their license revoked.  Individuals at the California State Bar know that Jamie Harley AKA Jamie Harmon never represented John Mark Karr but refuse to do what they are required to do by law i.e. investigate the matter.

It is wrong that "wikipedia" has posted that Jamie Harley aka Jamie Harmon was hired to "consult" John Mark Karr which is a bold face lie.

My son is dying because Santa Clara County is known to kill people.  Is anything being done about it.  No.  There are people in Santa Clara County that have no respect for life.  The truth needs to come out.  Andrew Martinez died a slow horrible death and was murdered in the end.  California's Attorney General Jerry Brown refuses to investigate why so many people are dying in our prisons.  I believe it is being done on purpose like the "holocaust" to get rid of a certain type of people that the state of California finds unworthy.  It is wrong and it is a crime.  It is also taking place in Santa Clara County.   

No different than Pat Tillman.  We cannot continue to let our government do this.  It is wrong.  The more powerful we let them get, the more we loose what few remaining rights we have left as United States citizens.

I recently read two articles in the sunday newspaper that I wish to pass along as well as NewsWeek's reporting of "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" which can be found at the following website "http://www.newsweek.com/photo/2010/08/19/famous-people-falsely-accused-then-exonerated.html.html"  the link is available above the photo.  

Here is page one of the article.  The Article that most was true for me was the one written about West Point Graduate Gouverneur Warren who spent his entire life trying to clear his name. His photo above is from the Library of Congress.  

If our government which for me is the State of California can willfully kill people without it being investigated then who is next. There are people dying on a daily basis not only in our prison and jails but other places in our state.  Those who were once in our jails, prison or mental state hospitals.  It is not different than what took place in Germany with the extermination of the Jews.  California is exterminating people everyday and no investigations are taking place.  Why is this happening???

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger came from a country that helped exterminate the "jews" i.e. Austria.  Attorney General Jerry Brown is only focusing on issues that will get him elected nothing more. 

Records: Arnold's father was member of Nazi storm troops see reference:  http://www.usatoday.com/news/politicselections/2003-08-24-arnold-father_x.htm




Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Starting with his matriculation at West Point at the age of 16, Gouverneur Warren's career prospects seemed bright. After graduating in 1850, he conducted several important surveys of the American West, looking for routes for a transcontinental railroad, before taking a staff position at West Point. Entering service at the start of the Civil War, he rose through the ranks, earning acclaim for recognizing the importance of Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg and holding it (he is shown here standing on the hill in a pose now commemorated with a statue there). Appointed to lead the Union's V Corps, he earned the ire of Gen. Philip Sheridan at the Battle of Five Forks—though Warren's troops prevailed, Sheridan felt his subordinate had moved too slowly, and fired him, ending Warren's rise. Although he remained in the military after the war, Warren was distraught and fought for years to clear his name. In 1879 he finally persuaded President Ruthorford B. Hayes to order an inquiry, and in November 1882 the panel ruled that Warren had been in the right. But it was too late for Warren, who had died three months earlier.  From the Library of Congress