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Barbara Ann Jackson "Judicial Corruption Louisiana" http://newsblaze.com/story/20100922041842lawg.nb/topstory.html


Judges Misconduct Can be Traced in this Study http://www.judgebusters.com/id265.html

Barbara Ann Jackson writer Judicial Corruption
Fair Use Content at NewsBlaze.com

Judicial Crisis in the United States

Written by Alberta Rose Jones, October 23, 2010, copyright protected


I have been writing about Judicial corruption in the United States and was hoping to find a local story that I could help publish on my website.  I found it this morning.

Many people write stories such as myself but few are willing to put their necks on the line to help stop the judicial corruption we are experiencing at an alarming rate in not just the United States of America but the world at large.

We have an epidemic on our hands.  A true epidemic of mass proportions.  What is most interesting about Judicial corruption is that it can be traced.  So when a judge illegally rules in a matter, it can be investigated by the public at large. Case in point, the study just posted on the web about "District Attorney Malicious Prosecution."  The attorneys in the state of California who worked on the project at Santa Clara University.. all they did was take case files and investigate.  Nothing more and then apply the law to it.  My story can be found at http://www.judgebusters.com/id265.html.  A link is provided to this story as well. Refer to the top of this page. There is a link. 

We can do this as private citizens. It takes much time of course but you can find the truth as I have. Finding judicial corruption is like finding "fraud".  For example, identity theft. Judges are just boldly blatant. Why?  They think they are above the law.  Actually it is flaw in their personality.  They became attorneys and then judges like people who want to be thieves. Thieves enjoy stealing.. so do judges and attorneys.  It is not about the "law" that is what Barbara Ann Jackson is trying to say.  Her document is "historical."

What does the word "law" mean or what is a "judge." You find the answer right away. The history of law is a topic easily found on the Internet.  What you do not find is a much needed storybook about judicial corruption and what it is doing to this country.  Here is a woman who took the time to tell her story.  Not only is she telling her story, she is posting herself on the Internet.  This is bold.  If every citizen in the United States told their story, maybe we could make a much needed change.

Our judges are corrupt.  They are bought.  They harass private citizens without much fore thought. Your local newspapers would not think to write articles about corrupt judges.  We now have stupid cable shows showing female judges "pretending" to adjudicated cases on national television.  This is not the law.  What few actual cases we see on national television are those of celebrities. These folks have the "big" bucks to pay high price attorneys to represent them.  What happens down in the trenches is nothing like what we see on television.

I have made it my job to help tell the truth.  Attorneys and judges are the most unethical people in this world.  Case in point look at "Gloria" Allred.  She wanted to derail a political candidate running for governor for the state of California i.e. Meg Whitman.  Believe it or not this is illegal and could be classified as "criminal."  Meg Whitman should have called it as that and had Gloria Allred investigated by who??? Her own opponent "Jerry Brown?"  Brown probably had something to do with it.    

Today's story goes out to :  Barbara Ann Jackson  Her website is http://newsblaze.com/story/20100922041842lawg.nb/topstory.html.  Her story is called " Judge Thomas Porteous and the Judicial Devil's Den from Whence He Came."

Her story is well written.  Please take the time to read it.  Here is a bit of it.  The link to her website is at the top of this page. 

Judge Thomas Porteous and the Judicial 'Devil's Den' from Whence He Came

By Barbara Ann Jackson 

"The sustained Louisiana judicial decadence is now acutely displayed at this historical Congressional hearing, which the entire world can see for itself on C-Span. Facts, evidence, and testimonies therein solidify my convictions that the purpose of Louisiana courtrooms has very little to do with delivering justice. "

Barabara Ann Jackson's Story Read It Contact her Let her know you support her efforts to stop judicial corruption.

Barabara asks that  you do the following:  Want to Do Something About This?

More than just reading this, please tweet it, promote it in facebook, get it to big media that could really do more, tell your friends, talk about it in forums, Call your member of Congress, before they make the decision. It isn't for us, it is for you and America.