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When Two Or More Come Together In My Name
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How My Website Has Been A Blessing

Written by Alberta Jones, Copyright Protected No copying or redistribution without Permission


In 2008, I began my website you now see. It was December. I had acquired the name Judgebusters several years earlier but was not able to get my website up and running. I paid a young man several hundred dollars to do it but he ripped me off and never got it on the web.  I then got fed up with what was happening and tried to find the best service I could to get my website going. I went with Yahoo which was a joke. So I finally found Register.com and have been super satisfied.

With the help of my website, I am getting connected with people who feel the same way I do about the judicial process. I spoke with a couple yesterday who found my website. They said they found it enlightening.  My goal is to help people.  I also want to make the system better. Our founding fathers set up a process for us to redress our government and to peacefully protest.  Neither of these exist anymore for the small guy like me.  As a pro per litigant in federal court, the courts refuse to listen to you. 

So what I have been feeling for years is true. I was told yesterday by a man who should know that our "constitution" is gone it no longer exists. I also talked with a Vietnam Veteran who is doing the same as me.  He is fighting the system by filing papers in court against corrupt judges.  I myself speak in public and then put it on the web.  

The man I spoke with is an ex Central Intelligence Agent (CIA) agent/operative and retired Air Force Colonel. I have always wanted to speak with an agent. I did not have a chance to talk with him much about what he did in the CIA. He did say to me that the United States is not the country it once was and that we are headed for terrible times.  He believes we will have some form of anarchy. He was quite religious. I thought to myself this is not the first person who has said this to me.  The United States is headed for much terrible times than we are already experiencing. 

How can we stop it?  I thought.  I know myself that I am dealing with a corrupt system in Santa Clara County. He then discussed that with me at length. He implied that California has the worst judicial system in the United States. What would cause such a corrupt system?  I have thought this for years.

It appears that we Californians put in the Constitution that our state Judges would receive a "KicK Back" "Payback" for finding criminals "guilty."  That does not make sense. It is unconstitutional.

I later spoke with another man who is a disabled Vietnam veteran. He said he has given up everything to "fight" the system. He goes after corrupt judges, district attorneys, public defenders, police officers.  I asked him how?  So I am paying to find out how.

This is how my website has helped to make me a better person.  Our forefathers knew what they were doing when they established the United States Constitution. They experienced the same events that I myself now find myself experiencing. I have been illegally incarcerated, threatened repeatedly, counter intelligence used against not only myself but my children.  What is "COINTELPRO"?  "Counter intelligence Program"

Someone termed it "WAR AT HOME".  What does "war at home mean"?  There are different forms of war at home.  I have a video that I paid for in which a retired officer is talking about "profiling" He was profiled because he spoke up against the war in Iraq.  He was a nobody. His comments should have meant nothing but our government took them as a threat. He said that he had been repeatedly followed, his family threatened, and that he was delayed or denied airline privileges. The airlines did not do this to him. It was our government.  

Why would "our" government do this to a war time veteran?  I myself have been harassed and I am not a war time veteran. I served during a time of peace.  Yet, because I am speaking out against the Department of Veterans Affairs and our corrupt Judicial Process, I am considered a threat.  I have had false information put out about me.  I have a three men not one in my neighborhood who refuse to leave me alone.  I should be able to sue them and place restraining orders against them but corrupt judges will not let that happen.  Why?  Because I speak of what they do and what they are doing is much worse than you could ever imagine. 

So when the EX-CIA agent said "we are headed for much worse times"; I believe him. I am only a messenger.    

If two or more come together in God's name he is in their midst.

Luke 11:2 Jesus said, "When you pray say . ... For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them. 


Alberta Jones