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www.veritasinitiative.org study


Written by Alberta Rose Jones, October 19, 2010, copyright protected

On October 15, 2010, I wrote a story titled Roman Polanski v. Los Angeles Judges (http://www.judgebusters.com/id258.html ). In the article I said the following: If one judge is allowed to corrupt the system.. then more will follow..is my slogan..one bad apple is all it takes..and we have lots..So when you get a corrupt judge.. the apple does not fall far from the tree. 

Then yesterday, October 18, 2010, the San Jose Mercury News came out with a story as part of their ongoing study of the "Courts" in Santa Clara County titled "Tainted Trials Stolen Justice."

The San Jose Mercury news referenced a study by Veritasinitiative.org. The summary of the study is available on this page.  Just download it. The study and more information can be found at http://www.veritasinitiative.org/our-work/prosecutorial-misconduct/pm-preventable-error-a-report-on-prosecutorial-misconduct-in-california/pm-research-report-highlights/

So who are the judges in the study? Did they name them. Would this be "judicial misconduct?"  What about Court personnel in our courts?  Our courts are corrupt too. Where is the "Judicial Council" in all of this mess?  

Big question were any of the judges in this study..ever on the "judicial council*" for the State of California?  

The Judicial Council is the policymaking body of the California courts, the largest court  system in the nation.  Under the leadership of the Chief Justice and in accordance with the California Constitution, the council is responsible for ensuring the consistent, independent,  impartial, and accessible administration of justice.  The Administrative Office of the Courts carries out the official actions of the council and promotes leadership and excellence in court administration.   

  Here is what the San Jose Mercury News said about the study. Read Below:

Notes Page 3 of Conduct Study
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San Jose Mercury News Story DA Misconduct
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San Jose Mercury News DA Misconduct
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San Jose Mercury News DA Misconduct
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Study www.veritasinitiative.org
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