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Alberta Protesting Against Mental Health Courts
copyright protected property Alberta Jones
Death Camps Image obtained by "Fair Use"
Judge Manley wants this for all his mentally ill
Death Camp Photo Obtained by Fair Use
Death Camp Photo Obtained by Fair Use

What do bad judges remind you of?? 

Alberta Jones Protesting San Jose California
copyright protected property Alberta Jones

Judge Stephen Manley Mental Health Courts Santa Clara County

Written by Alberta Rose Jones, July 19, 2010, All rights reserved, copyright protected


Who is Judge Stephen Manley? He believes he is the "final solution" in Santa Clara County. Out of all the judges I wish to have removed from the bench this is the one.  I have observed him in court for over a year now. His co-conspirator in crime is District Attorney George Chadwick whose salary as listed on the internet is as follows:

COUNTY OF SANTA CLARA. Gross Earnings Of Employees. Fiscal Year 2007 .....Chadwick,George Whitefield. ATTORNEY IV-DISTRICT ATTORNEY. $189088.87 

Why do I call him a co-conspirator. Santa Clara County violates the rights of the mentally ill each and every week. They have no rights. So I will write about it.  Santa Clara County pays people like Chadwick and Manley over $400,000 a year.. to do what?? Day in and Day out they see the mentally ill, drug offenders and those with alcohol addiction as well as sex offenders.

Santa Clara County then has a huge staff of so called medical staff, health and social workers. I am trying to find out via a public records act.. what the total overall cost is for the services of all these individuals.  

In addition to the above, the Department of Veterans Affairs has a huge staff for so called veterans.

I am suing the VA.  There is no memorandum of agreement between the Department of Veterans Affairs and Santa Clara County regarding the relationship that the VA has with the Mental Health Courts. When I was in the Navy, I could not be running such a complex endeavor without rules.. there are no rules with the Veteran's Administration.  So can you imagine, a veteran or dependent of a veteran appearing in this court and there is not one set of guidelines to follow. What happens if the vet does not want to take medication? Well Judge Manley says too bad.. not in my court. Wait a minute Judge Manley.. Hold on.. didn't the supreme court of the United States of America have a few words regarding the matter of forced medication and probation??? Per Judge Manley and District Attorney Chadwick the United States Constitution has no play in their self run closed door "Nazi" run court.  There is no constitution. And defendants have no rights.. especially the mentally ill.  They do not have a right to live at home, they do not have a right to special accommodations or treatment per the American Disabilities Act. 

In Santa Clara County, there is no United States Constitution.  Our judges can just violate your rights. I say Santa Clara County's Mental Health Court needs to be investigated. I say the Department of Veterans Affairs needs to be sued. I have repeatedly complained about Judge Manley to the Commission on Judicial Performance. They refuse to listen. Why because our state wants these "Nazi" type courts in California.  As you are aware our three strikes law is not working.  We are killing several inmates every week in our prisons due to lack of medical care the same is happening in Santa Clara County and the Grand Jury refuses to investigate.

I see it in Santa Clara County. Judge Manley forces individuals into half way houses and if you do not muster up to his standards.. you will be yelled at by the "one eyed" villian. Yes he is a villian. I have reviewed trials put on my the Nazis against those who spoke up against Hitler. Judge Manley is as bad as a Nazi Judge during World War II.  I can swear on a stack of bibles that he is a "Nazi". He yells like a Nazi.  He says sit down like a "Nazi".  He just told a disabled man that you cannot stay at home, read books, play music and try to have a normal living..even when you are sick.. same as Andrew Martinez.  In 2004, Andrew Martinez was ordered back into custody for breaking probation. He had not threatened anyone, he had not been a threat to himself or others.  He was just sick and could not get out of bed.  So a judge like Manley ordered him back into custody; where he slowly died; was repeatedly excessively forced medicated and eventually committed another crime.  Whose fault was it..?? Andrew Martinez .. I say no.. I do not believe Andrew would ever had committed any crimes prior to being forced medicated or repeatedly drugged with anti-psychotics by the various hospitals in Santa Clara County,... Andrew was a nice guy.. never hurt anyone..

How many others do we have in Santa Clara County under the "Nazi" run fascism system.. to throw you into mental wards force medicated you.. give you excessive amounts of drugs and then say.. your are a violent offender.. were you a violent offender before you met our various psychiatrists in Santa Clara County.. I call them the Joseph Mengeles "Angels of Death"

Adolf Hitler's final solution.. that is what Judge Stephen Manley portrays to the "mentally ill" in Santa Clara County. This One Eyed evil Judge must be removed immediately along with his German SS Officer Chadwick. Along with the Joseph Mengele Veteran's Affairs Doctor.. Dr. Joel Rosenthal of the Department of Veteran's Affairs. 

I talked with a 30 plus year Veteran last night. This is what he had to say about the Veteran's Affairs Organization..It is a bunch of corrupt idiots. He hates the VA. I must chime in. He is 82 years old and honorably served his country for over 30 years. I honorably served my country as well. I had to listen to Judge Stephen Manley, District Attorney Chadwick, a Probation Officer for Santa Clara County and Dr. Rosenthal of the Department of Veterans Affairs make fun of honest hardworking vets.. a vet made a joke of being discharged from the military for "good" of the service. I then heard Dr. Rosenthal and a dishonorable discharged vet..offer Judge Manley a bribe in court.. "Judge Manley Please go camping with us" They repeatedly invited Judge Manley to a Veteran's Affair camping trip stating it would be free to Judge Manley.. an all expense paid trip by the VA. 

I can say this with all honesty and conviction.  These men who run the "Mental Health Department" in Santa Clara County are evil. There is no Constitution in their court. No rules as required by law.  There is no rule of law.  It is very disturbing.  

Santa Clara County is turning into a Fascist Socialist Death Camp.. Public Defender Malorie Street believes in force medicating everyone she comes in contact with. Judge Manley believes in the same. District Attorney Chadwick.  Public Defender David Epps.. so where does it stop?? That is the question.  How many more do they have to kill in their death camps.. i.e the Santa Clara County Jail, their half way houses, their mental health locked down facilities... 

I know I am telling the truth no different than Sophie Scholl .. Read About the White Rose.. This is a White Rose Paper.. I am passing it around..

Written by Alberta Rose Jones, all rights reserved, no copy or reproduction without permission.. no parts maybe reproduced